The simple and clear instruction that you have used to teach reading is now available to teach math.

Here are the first ABeCeDarian materials dedicated to math instruction.  These initial books help  students in grades 3 through 5 develop a robust understanding of fractions and acquire fluent calculation skills.  Mastery of fractions is essential if one is to understand the more complex material in middle school and high school, and yet many students struggle with this topic.

Students learning with the ABeCeDarian fractions curriculum are constantly engaged in their lesson, manipulating models, analyzing patterns, and practicing calculations.  Moreover, they are never confused  or frustrated by having to remember calculation procedures that they don't understand.

All levels of the program come with detailed suggestions for conducting each lesson.

Click on the links (in red) below to see samples of the curriculum.

ABeCeDarian Fractions - An Introduction is a freely downloadable book of introductory lessons suitable for students working on a 3rd grade level who have not done any formal work with fractions yet.

ABeCeDarian Fractions Book 1 Student Workbook and Teacher Manual cover 4th grade level material, including:

  • adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
  • finding equivalent fractions
  • adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
  • multiplying a fraction by a whole number
  • and calculating a fractional part of a whole number

ABeCeDarian Fractions Book 2 Student Workbook and Teacher Manual cover 5th grade level material, including:

  • simplifying fractions
    multiplying fractions
    introduction to reciprocals
    dividing a fraction by a whole number
    simplifying before multiplying

You can purchase the Fraction Books on the ABeCeDarian webstore.