Level A is for non-readers or very beginning readers.

Each lesson in Level A combines:

sound blending

sound segmenting

learning letter/sound correspondences

reading and spelling words

Beginning instruction presents words such as satmop, and rug that are constructed out of a consonant, vowel, and consonant using only single-letter consonants and the so-called "short" vowels.  The term "short" vowel is never used with the students.  Each letter is referred to only by its sound.)  

Unlike many programs which require students to learn many letter/sounds in isolation before reading words, in ABeCeDarian students will read words from the very first lesson and begin reading short sentences in Unit 3.

After students master all the sounds for the single-letter consonants and vowels, they learn the two-letter combinations shchth, and ck.  

The high-frequency words theaisofto, and I, are also presented in Level A. These words have sounds or spellings not otherwise presented at this level and are the only words learned as wholes, rather than being analyzed into their individual sounds.

The remaining high-frequency words are taught in Level B, when students have a more complete understanding of the spelling system.In addition to reading words and sentences in their workbooks, students at this level read a set of ten delightful, illustrated storybooks beginning once they have completed Unit 4.  Each storybook is fully decodable, that is, it presents only the letter/sound code that the student has been explicitly taught, so there is no need to guess and the words.

There are 48 lessons in the program.  Students usually complete a lesson in 15-30 minutes.

When a student completes Level A, he will be able to read more than 100 words fluently. Most kindergarten students who use the program will be able to read text in the curriculum at rates of 40 or more words correct in a minute by the end of the school year.

The student workbook forhomeschoolers and tutors contains all of the word lists and sentences in each lesson. 

To accommodate all this material, the student workbooks are presented in two volumes, Student Workbook A1 and Student Workbook A2.  Students also have the option of using a digital workbook, either instead of or in conjunction with the paper workbooks..

The student workbooks for classroom use, in contrast, do not contain the word lists or sentences.  Therefore, the workbook can fit into a single volume, Student Workbook A.  The teacher must display the word lists and sentences to the whole class.

There is a separate app for tablet computers designed for classroom teachers that allows the easy presentation on an interactive display of everything needed for an ABeCeDarian lesson at this level.

Level A (Short Version)

Level A (Short Version) is a version of the materials designed especially for older, remedial students.  It contains the same content as the regular Level A materials, but the lessons proceed at a much faster pace.  In addtion, there is no handwriting instruction provided in the Short Version.  This version of Level A is a good choice for first-grade age students who can read some words and have some blending skill.  It is also an excellent choice for students age 7 and older who are non-readers or very beginning readers.

Materials Needed for Level A

For Homeschoolers and Tutors

Student Workbook A1 for Homeschoolers and Tutors

Student Workbook A2 for Homeschoolers and Tutors

Storybooks for Level A (Set of 10)

The Storybooks are available as paper booklets and also in electronic form for the Kindle or iPad.

Teacher Manual A for Homeschoolers and Tutors

Student Workbook A for tablet computers (optional)

For Classroom Teachers

Student Workbook A

Storybooks for Level A (Set of 10)

Teacher Manual A

App for Tablet Computers for Classroom Teachers (optional)

Materials Need for Level A (Short Version)

For Homeschools and Tutors

Student Workbook A - Short Version - for Homeschoolers and Tutors

Teacher Manual A - Short Version - For Homeschoolers and Tutors

For Classroom Teachers

Student Workbook A - Short Version

Teacher Manual A - Short Version