Level C provides outstanding word study for students at a 3rd or 4th grade reading level. 

Basic phonics instruction, which teaches how letters represent sounds,  is vitally important in efficient reading instruction.  However, as students read more complicated texts, there is another, more sophisticated level of word structure that they need to learn in order to easily read words such as obstruction,illegaltransportation, and invisible. This more advanced level of word structure involves prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

ABeCeDarian Student Workbook C provides students with engaging activities that will train them to recognizethe most common and important prefixes, suffixes, and root words easily and thus help them read longer words accurately and fluently.

To spell words at this level correctly, students need to learn three spelling patterns that occur when suffixes are added to rate words.  These patterns involve doubling the final consonant of abase word (run / running), dropping a final "e" from a base word (hope / hoping) , and changing the final "y" of a base word to "i" (happy / happiness).  The ABeCeDarian Spelling Patterns Workbook provides efficient and engaging practice so that students master these patterns, as well as when to use ck, tch, dge, and a doubled consonant before final le

Materials needed for Level C

For All Teachers

Student Workbook C

Teacher Manual C

Spelling Patterns *

*There is no accompanying Teacher Manual for the Spelling Patterns book.  All the material a teacher needs is contained within the workbook.)